Dog Adoption Process

Dog Adoption Application
Before you fill out an application for a dog, may we suggest a few things to think about:

The single dog household…the much loved, but bored dog
If you’re gone all day long (6 hours or more) you are really setting the dog up to fail. Dogs are pack animals, social by nature, and we take great pains to socialize our dogs during the time they are with us. Too much alone time leads to behavioral problems like barking, chewing, or destructive behavior such as digging. It affects young and older dogs alike. It can also lead to all sorts of skin and medical conditions. We rarely place dogs in this type of living situation unless there are alternative arrangements made such as Doggie daycare or dog walkers on a daily basis. Tails of the City stands by crate training but we do not condone crating an animal for more than 4 hours at a stretch.

Adopting a puppy
Puppies are adorable and everyone wants one. In reality, they require an enormous amount of work for the adopter. Housebreaking a pup requires that you take him out every two hours and not give him the run of the house. It is not only necessary to teach a pup to do his business outside but you also must catch him in the act when accidents happen inside. This requires that someone be home to train the pup. They need socialization from other dogs so they can properly learn to be a dog. Pups need to learn the limits of the dog world that only another dog can teach them. They have tons of energy, especially at the 7-12 month age, and need to work out that energy physically. Nothing accomplishes that better than another dog. Puppies require tons of human and dog interaction as well as early training so they can grow to be an integral part of your household. If this is not possible with your living arrangement then you might consider adopting an older dog.

Children and dogs
Tails of the City has a policy of not adopting to families with children under the age of 6 years old. We rarely make exceptions. We realize that mothers or caretakers are busy, and can’t keep a constant watchful eye. We know that your children are of the utmost importance to you. Our dogs are of the utmost importance to us, as well, and we would never put a child or our dogs at risk because of an accident that could have been avoided. Our society is too litigious today for us to take that chance. We hope you understand.

Adoption Eligibility:
You must be 21 years of age or older and live in a stable environment.
You must provide proof of either your home ownership, consent of Condo HOA, or permission from your landlord.
You must be willing and prepared to spend both time and money to provide proper care for the pet.

Adoption Process:
• Complete the Adoption Application. Email us to request an application if you don’t have one. Please fill it out completely. We know our dogs and their personalities well. The more information we have about your situation, the easier it will be for us to see if the dog you are interested in is a good match for you.
• Meet the dog you are interested in at our adoption event. Bring your family and your other dogs, if you have them, so we can evaluate their interaction. This is an important step to make sure it is a good match for all members of your family, including your dog.
• Once your application is accepted and all parties agree to proceed with the adoption, we will make a home visit. A home visit by one of our experienced board members ensures that you are able to provide a safe environment for your newly adopted pet. We will also provide some suggestions as to the best way to get acclimated based on what we know about the dog and your specific living situation.
• A signed agreement is the next step of the process. Your application becomes part of the agreement by reference.
• Providing a tax deductible donation is the final step in the adoption process. We ask for a suggested minimum donation of $300.00. We operate solely on individual donations. We receive no government funding or corporate sponsorship. The amount we suggest does not even begin to cover the costs of rescuing and placing one animal. If you can donate more we would be most grateful, as it may help save one more adorable face at the shelter that we would have had to otherwise leave behind. Feel empowered by your donation, because we cannot continue our work without your help.